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Dynamic Cleaning Saves Money on Janitorial Costs

How PMM Uses Low-Occupancy Service Strategies to Make it Happen

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With the continual effects of the pandemic on building usage, office vacancy, and greater customer demand for facility cleanliness, building owners are faced with reduced budgets and a need for reduced-cost cleaning services that provide more for less. As the leaders of facilities management and janitorial companies, it’s our job to find ways to offer these services in models that are still economically sustainable to our businesses. And we’re all feeling the pressure to supply them at lower costs for our companies while still providing value for our clients’ money.

For these reasons, some consider the future of janitorial services to be Dynamic Cleaning. The definition of this term varies by person describing it but, for PMM, it just comes down to helping businesses save money on janitorial services by only cleaning building spaces that have been used since the last cleaning.

So, how do we bring this to fruition?

PMM takes a few steps to implement a Dynamic Cleaning (low occupancy) model for prospective clients:

  • We first discuss building specifications and cleaning needs, such as number of floors and offices that have permanent use and require regular cleaning.

  • Then we devise a program to service any additional, irregular building space usage.

  • Finally, we explain to prospective clients how this process will help ensure overall building occupant satisfaction and save them money on janitorial costs through the efficient and effective use of our work order system, CleanTelligent, which provides for reporting on real-time cleaning data, flexible scheduling, quality assurance, client feedback, and more.

All of these measures allow PMM to provide a more affordable model than most of our competitors. As a result of reduced costs on materials used and time worked through our low-occupancy model, we’re able to offer our potential clients the value they seek for less. This model can provide clients with targeted cleaning; reduced total chemical, water, and energy usage; and improved employee productivity. In combination with the capabilities of the CleanTelligent software, we at PMM feel confident in our ability to fulfill any business’s janitorial needs at a cost that works for their budget.

Consider how your company can take some steps to approach a more low-occupancy model, or hire a company like PMM which has already begun exploring this style of service, is offering it to existing clients, and is prepared to provide it to you today!

You can reach us by phone at 301-258-9151 or by email at

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