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At the heart of a healthy facility is operations and maintenance in its purest form. HVAC, plumbing, electrical, painting, carpentry, and general services – all are key contributors to an attractive and efficient facility that will accrue value long into the future. 

PMM Companies is led by seasoned building engineers with extensive experience in facilities management. We aggressively work to improve facility management programs and more efficiently utilize existing resources to reduce operating costs and save money.

PMM Companies' Facility Management Division offers a variety of service arrangements for the smallest office suite up to an entire building. Staffing is custom tailored to meet your needs. Building engineers are available for the smallest to largest jobs as a cost-effective facilities maintenance and management solution.

Facility Operations

PMM Facilities Operations

Facilities Management

We understand the significant investments building owners and property managers have made in their physical assets. Ensuring the most efficient operation of these assets is critical to their long-term value. A well-maintained facility provides occupants with a safe, productive, and healthy environment while creating lasting value.

PMM Calendar
Periodic Facilities Services

Our Periodic Facilities Services offers you access to our experienced, specialized engineers at any time when you have an individual job or require specialized services. They perform routine and long-term preventive maintenance on building systems to keep them at optimum operating levels.

PMM Facilities Services
Integrated Facilities Services

Our Integrated Facilities Services enable you to customize facility maintenance services and integrate the scheduling with your janitorial service. PMM Companies' janitorial manager will coordinate with PMM Companies' facilities management team and staff to make certain all routine maintenance is being performed as scheduled.

Other Services

Facilities Management

Building Engineers

Title 17 Boiler Services

Project Management

Construction Management

Preventive Maintenance

Painting and Drywall

Lighting Maintenance

Lighting Retrofit

Other Maintenance Services

PMM GSA Contract

GSA Schedule

GSA Schedule Contract


Through our GSA schedule, federal customers benefit from volume discount pricing, 100% commercial products, and provides an opportunity to meet small business goals. Orders placed through our GSA Schedule meet FAR regulations and are considered to be issued pursuant to full and open competition.

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