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PMM Employees

Our motto of "Together We Can Achieve the Extraordinary" is as relevant today as it was upon our founding more than 40 years ago. Our commitment to superior communication plays an integral part in our delivery of outstanding customer service.

We have regularly scheduled check-ins with you to discuss issues, special needs, requirements, and recommendations for your facility. An assigned supervisor ensures all service requests, issues, or any emergencies are addressed immediately. To support this, our managers are available on a 24/7 basis.

We make certain your facility is always staffed with individuals who know your building. PMM Companies is flexible and experienced at addressing unique situations and will work with you to customize services to meet your specific needs. We offer flexible hours of building coverage and guaranteed emergency service.

PMM Core Values
We are Led by Our Core Values 

Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence

PMM QC Computer

Quality Control

Committed to Continuous Improvement 

We believe in continuous improvement – meaning we continually search for ways to improve the level of service we provide you. We have developed a rigorous system of procedures and communications to ensure all work is performed to the highest standards of the industry. 

Our Quality Assurance Program is grounded in the following principles: 

  • Rigid Cleaning Standards

  • Quality Control Inspections

  • Auditing

  • Management Controls

  • Customer Feedback


Initial Training, On-the-Job and 

Continuing Education

In addition, we have mandatory safety training programs including MSDS Book updates, plus extensive emergency preparedness and disinfection training specific to COVID-19.

We help each of our employees continue to grow and excel by investing in quality training and development programs that lead to growth from within, low turnover rates and a network of institutional knowledge to better serve our clients.

PMM Training


Photo ID, Monitored and Supported 24/7

When you work with PMM Companies, your facility is cleaned and managed by our qualified, credentialed and rigorously trained employees. We align our hiring process with your background requirements to find the best candidates for each client.

We also carry liability and worker's compensation insurance which means you're protected from any relevant compensation claims in compliance with OSHA and state regulations.

Staff members are always in easily identifiable uniforms and carry photo ID, and are supervised, monitored and supported by our management team, 24/7.

PMM Security
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