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Java With Jim

Jim Ries of Offit/Kurman, Attorneys At Law interviewed PMM Companies Executive Vice President, Mitch Lustig, on his Java With Jim series where Jim highlights the entrepreneurial journey and experience.

Mitch describes PMM Companies as an "old school" principled company with large company capabilities. We run our company with the simple mantra, "Our word is our bond."

When asked about his proudest moment, Mitch comments that his proudest moment as an owner of PMM is the generations of dedication some of his employees have given.

"We have people who have worked here 30 years, started as service-level employees; serving through the ranks; becoming project managers, area managers; and putting their kids through college. Being part of their lives and making people better."

Want to know what the next 6 months look like for PMM Companies? Watch the interview!

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