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Facilities Management: Winterizing Your Buildings

Winter is here! It is always best to start preparing for Winter before it gets here. For the Northeast, that is usually in October. If you haven’t already started the process of winterizing your buildings, it’s not too late. We still have 2 months of usually cold weather coming.


Inspect your windows and doors for drafts or cracks that could allow heat to escape and patch or repair walls and ceilings.


Flat roofs typically need frequent inspection in commercial buildings. Our checklist below could prevent a roof collapse.

· Look for areas where snow could pile or water could puddle.

This can create weight or ice issues later.

· Look for areas that might need waterproofing seals.

· Ensure all drains and gutters are clear from debris.


Inspect your heaters and boilers, making sure filters are clean and free from dust or debris. See checklist below.

· Check water levels in the boiler.

· Adjust the PH level of boiler loop water, if necessary.

· Check and service boiler piping and valves for leaks.

· Bleed air from radiators.

· If you have gas lines, check for corrosion.


Don’t forget to prepare your outside grounds, too.

· Inspect walkways and parking lots weekly.

· Inspect all air intake points.

· Inspect drains for debris.

PMM Companies is an expert at facilities management. We would love to help you find solutions to keeping your building occupants warm and safe during the winter months. If you need assistance, please contact us online at or email us at

We’d also love to hear your ideas and comments whether you need our help or not. Send us your feedback to

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