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Creating an Effective Property Maintenance Program

Working on a new property maintenance plan for the new year? Read below for advice and tips on creating a successful maintenance program for your property, or call on PMM Companies for an evaluation and recommendations on keeping your property in tip-top shape by emailing us at

Establish Objectives

First, define your goals for maintaining your property. Consider short-term objectives that offer immediate benefits to tenants, along with long-term goals that can make a larger impact over time. Set realistic timelines to ensure goals can be achieved.

Establish a Budget

Next, set a realistic overall budget for property maintenance that can accommodate future potential costs. Before allocating money towards routine repairs or upgrade projects, run cost analyses for your options to ensure you are investing in projects with the most return on investment.

Adjust Your Maintenance Strategy

Take a look at your existing assets (buildings, equipment and materials), as well as maintenance measures already in place. Once you have identified existing measures and potential gaps, you can create the foundation for an effective property maintenance program.

One crucial element for the success of the program is for all documentation related to maintaining each item to be properly kept, eliminating the risk of operating blindly in maintaining your assets. Proper record keeping provides insight into what was done during previous inspections of an item so nothing goes unnoticed.

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

An effective preventive maintenance program is essential for making sure your property is both safe and functional and can be critical for reducing future repair costs, ensuring the quality of a building’s systems, and improving the overall condition of its infrastructure.

Regular property checks help ensure compliance with relevant regulations, whether these relate to public health hazards such as mold remediation or lead abatement or EPA standards related to air quality or water sampling. By keeping up to date with necessary checks related to each requirement, you can safely maintain your property without risking fines due to noncompliance.


Getting started with a good plan may seem daunting, but the most successful plans are created with an organized approach combined with learning from past experiences and embracing new technologies. Further, having an experienced team of professionals on board who understand the importance of developing an effective property maintenance program will help position you for greater success going forward.

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