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COVID Numbers Are on the Rise – What You Can Do to Protect Your Employees

With COVID on the rise, employers have a moral and professional responsibility to keep employees and building visitors safe. Although we are 2 years in, knowing what the right protocols are can be challenging. We’d like to offer a few solutions that may help your business stay open and operating in the safest way possible. For more information regarding our commercial cleaning and disinfection, see here.


Often and clearly, send company announcements, newsletters, and put fliers in the bathrooms, breakrooms, and conference rooms. It is in everyone’s best interest to work together so we can stay safe, stay open, and try to acclimate to our new normal.

Train Your Staff

Remind your staff to stay home when they are sick, wear masks when they can, and wash their hands frequently. Keep hand sanitizer in appropriate locations. The reception area, breakrooms, bathrooms, and conference rooms are a few common spaces that are appropriate.

Use Professional Cleaning Tools

Chemical cleaning is carried out to keep surfaces free from unwanted contaminants. Using proper disinfection chemicals to clean bathrooms, doorknobs, elevator buttons, and conference room tabletops (i.e., high-touch surfaces) are a few ways to keep contamination as low as possible.

Be Consistent

Make sure your overall message is the same. Anytime your message is inconsistent, employees may be confused about standard protocol. If they need to stay home, don’t penalize them, or make underhanded comments. If they feel like there will be repercussions, they will come to work sick despite your stay-at-home message.

Professionally Disinfect

Disinfection is conducted to help prevent infectious diseases in workplaces, schools, and worship centers, among others – thus keeping everyone safe. Methods of disinfection are different depending on the surface present. We use state-of-the-art technology such as UV disinfection, high-speed disinfection, and prolonged inhibitor (PI).

PMM Companies is an expert at janitorial and disinfection services. We would love to help you find solutions to keeping your environments safe, healthy, and clean. If you need assistance, please contact us online at or email us at

We’d also love to hear your ideas and comments whether you need our help or not. Send us your feedback by email to

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