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Achieving Maximum Building Performance with Retrofitting & Preventive Maintenance

Maintenance Worker Retrofitting Windows

With the summer months ending sooner than most of us probably hoped and back-to-school season upon us already, we at PMM are shifting our attention to educational facilities and ways to improve building performance with preventive maintenance and retrofitting, though any of the suggestions here could apply to any older building.

Often we focus our discussions on the janitorial side of PMM’s operations, speaking to a building occupant’s need for properly sanitized and disinfected work and leisure spaces. Today, however, we’d like to share some tips on how our maintenance operations can support these facilities as well with getting “geared up” for this school year and the next few.

Like any building, schools have equipment, machines, and hardware that need to be regularly maintained in order to prevent malfunctions and to slow the rate of deterioration from wear and tear. When we sit down with clients who are in need of facility maintenance services, we listen intently to their needs and work with them to devise strategies that offer solutions which fit their budgets.

Regarding schools specifically, PMM can help form strategies to address details such as:

  • Quality of windows – Is air seeping through? If so, they need to be updated.

  • Types of blinds or shutters on the windows – Vertical blinds are more effective at blocking the sun’s rays throughout the day, reducing heat buildup within the space.

  • Air quality - Checking the status of air conditioning and filtration units, and general indoor air flow and ventilation helps ensure indoor air quality is at its best.

  • Occupant safety - Including the utilization of camera systems, updated automated systems for fire emergencies and electrical hazards; and roofing renovations help ensure building and occupant safety and security.

  • Identifying other areas where retrofitting might improve energy conservation and reduce overall costs – particularly regarding electrical and plumbing systems, including, for example, swapping out light bulbs/fixtures and low-flow toilets usage, among others.

In addition to these types of repairs and upgrades, PMM offers a wide range of maintenance services on larger, heavy-duty equipment such as HVAC systems. And we conduct regular inspections to practice preventive maintenance, minimizing any future need for sudden repairs.

Whether hiring a company to help or not, in order to keep our schools as healthy, safe and efficiently operating as possible for the upcoming year and foreseeable future, it’s important to know the right steps to take to help achieve these goals. Implementing routine inspections, staying informed about maintenance needs, and having clear communication with your building’s maintenance tech or property manager will be key to accomplishing them.

If you’d like assistance in identifying ideas for retrofitting your facility and/or establishing a routine maintenance program, PMM can help with developing these strategies in ways that fit your budget. Give us a call at 301-258-9151 or email us at

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