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Cleaner Environments Result in More Productive Workforce and Positive Customer Experiences

Getting people back into the workplace after the pandemic has been a challenging enough task for businesses to undertake over the past few years, and it’s made getting more productivity out of the people who actually do show up for the companies an even harder task. As the owner of an enterprise, small or large, chances are you’re not just seeking to stay afloat. Instead, you’re looking to gain an edge in your industry however you can without cutting corners. The truth is, focusing more on the little details can make all the difference. And one of those key details is the environment of the workplace.

At PMM we specialize in janitorial and facilities management services, so we’ve seen firsthand just how our work can help with those details. We’ve also seen how several scholarly studies show evidence of clear, positive correlations between workplace cleanliness and workplace productivity, and it feels obvious, right? Unfortunately, as many of us have likely experienced, many businesses do not actually put this philosophy into practice. But no worker can be expected to fulfill their duties to the best of their abilities when their work environment is not suitable for their well-being. Nor will customers seek to enter an uninviting establishment again.

A few tips for improving the cleanliness of your work environment to boost employee productivity (and retain customers) are:

  • Start with your own station, desk, and/or work vehicle. Try organizing and sanitizing your personal space at work more often and see how it helps you going forward. A simple Clorox or Lysol wipe should do.

  • For smaller business owners, create your own cleaning schedule and use EPA-approved green cleaning and disinfection products if personally cleaning your place of business. You can view a list of approved green cleaning products for both businesses and homes here:

  • Create a waste recycling program to prevent unnecessary trash pileup and to boost employee and customer morale. See tips on starting your recycling program in our blog post here:


  • Leave the stress of it all to the experts. Hire a proven, professional company like PMM to tailor a system of regular cleaning services to your workplace needs. A company with certification that recognizes their green cleaning practices is best. PMM utilizes Green Seal-certified processes, supplies and equipment to ensure a healthy and clean environment for your facility’s occupants and visitors.

No matter what, as an owner, manager, contractor, or even employee of any company, putting the needs of the accompanying workforce first is what’s going to matter most to the productivity of that workforce. And research has proven that one of the most important needs and desires of employees, and customers, is a clean environment. So, take the steps you can to create a cleaner, more welcoming work environment and see how you can save money on fewer new recruits and employee sick days, retain more employees for longer, and boost productivity all at the same time.

For assistance in developing your cleaning program, contact PMM by email at or by phone at 301‑258‑9151.

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